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‘Our stock is fresh everyday and always up-to-date, but because we source large-scale, we can ask competitive prices. Please feel free to compare them! Ring us, visit us or take a look at our webshop for our stock, which always aimed at the most common demand so you are almost sure to find something you like. Every day, we have a large assortment of cut flowers of excellent quality.

You can rely on our professional skills, and we only sell products we believe in 100 per cent. Our prices are the ‘final’ prices (not including auction costs) so you know what you are spending. Moreover, our prices are always in keeping with market rates.’

Willem Schaap - Buyer

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Willem Schaap

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Telephone number:
+31 174 742424

Middel Broekweg 29
2675 KB Honselersdijk
Box S1-45 t/m S1-49

Postal address (Extreme case)
Waterboslaan 36,
2231 BJ Rijnsburg

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