Straight from the nursery

In the online shop of B&G de Mooij, you will also find products offered directly by selected growers. Needless to say, these growers are the cream of the crop. After all, they do have to meet our high quality standards. They are all online from 15:00* (on Monday and Friday) and 14:00 (from Tuesday to Thursday inclusive) right up to 06:00 the following morning no less; some of them even until 08:30!

The growers know the tight schedule we work to. All products ordered have to reach us by 11:00 at the latest. Shortly thereafter, we deliver your order to the address specified by you.

The products of the growers are supplied in full units only, charged at the prices quoted in the shop. B&G de Mooij monitors the quality of the products provided and checks that prices are sharp and competitive.

Straight from the nursery - logoThe advantages are huge: the flowers are as fresh as possible, and products with a short shelf life are delivered to the customers at their best, you will find all sorts of products that are not available at the auctions and the prices are extremely competitive. Keep an eye out for the special logo!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ring Johan van der Vijver +31 (0)6 43 273 050.

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