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We like to provide more information on the use of our forms, website, webshop and your details.


1. Inthis disclaimer, the following terms are given to mean:

- the Website: the website to be found at bgdemooij.nl;

- the Webshop: the protected order website for Customers;

- the Owner: the owner of the website, i.e. B&G de Mooij;

- Use(s): all conceivable acts;

- you: the user (Visitor) of the Website and/or Customer of the Webshop;

- the Content: all content present on the website;

2. the following applies to the page you are now viewing. By using this page, you agree to this disclaimer.

3. The Content has been composed by the Owner with the utmost care; however, the Owner does not accept any liability for errors of that which is presented.

4. The owner cannot be held liable for content on files linked to this Website and/or on websites to which the Website refers.

5. Unauthorised or improper Use of the Content or its parts violates the intellectual property rights.

6. Our permission to Use the presented Content or its parts in places with public access must be requested in writing.

Further information

If you have any queries or doubts, please contact us.

Owner retains all rights.

Privacy policy

The Privacy Policy for Visitor applies to everyone who visits the Website.

1. Management

The Website is managed by the Owner. The contact details can be found here.

2. Visitors’ details

2a Some data acquired from one or more visits to the Website shall be stored permanently but anonymously and as a consequence, this data can never be traced to a person or organisation.

2b Owner shall ensure adequate security of the stored data.

Owner may use the data provided by the customer for such purposes as:

2c Sending one or more emails, including, but not limited to, an email containing the login details.

2d (Incidentally) calling attention to a product, tip, convenience, etc. of which Owner thinks it might contribute to a more successful Website for the Visitor.

3. Cookies

3a The Website uses cookies to optimize the functionality of certain pages on the Website. Cookies are small text files placed by a page on the Website onto the Visitor’s computer. The cookie stores information, such as certain preferences of the Visitor, enabling the Website to provide a better service to the Visitor on a following visit.

3b The Visitor can decide how to deal with cookies. He can adjust his browser to accept cookies, reject cookies or to accept some cookies. In this last instance, the browser is adjusted to determine which websites may place cookies and the placement of cookies by other websites is prohibited. This option is featured by the most commonly used modern browsers.

3c Cookies can always be removed from a computer, if you use the browser.

4. Questions

Visitors who have questions about this Privacy Policy may contact Owner. The contact details are stated on the Website mentioned in paragraph 1 of this Privacy Policy.

5. Disclaimer

The Website is entitled to change the Privacy Policy without notifying the Visitor. It is adequate to introduce the changes to the Website.

The privacy policy for Webshop customers

The Privacy Policy for Customers is a supplement to the Privacy Policy for Visitors and applies to everyone who places an order with Owner’s Webshop.

1. Details provided by the customer

Owner may use the details provided by the customer for the following purposes:

1a For processing the order.

1b For sending one or more emails concerning the order, including, but not limited to, an email containing login details.

1c (Incidentally) calling attention to a product, tip, convenience, etc. of which the Owner thinks it might contribute to a more successful Webshop for the Customer.

2. Disclosure of details to third parties

Details provided by the customer to the Website or Webshop shall never be disclosed to third parties. Nevertheless, this rule has one exception:

2a If a judicial order has been issued for disclosure of data.

3. Security

The data provided by the customer to Owner shall be stored in a secure environment.

4. Changes to customer details

The customer always has the right to change disclosed details. In this event, Owner may require the customer to notify Owner of changes in a manner prescribed by Owner and in some instances, proof of identity may be required.

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