Our telephone numbers

If you would like to speak to one of our buyers directly, please refer to our list below.
If you click on a first name, the QR code of the employee in question will appear. Simply scan the QR code with your Smartphone and you will always have his contact details close at hand.

You can also download the whole list in PDF format.

BuyerTelephone no. MobileProduct group by clock
Johan0174 - 74240106 - 43273050Lily, Iris, Amaryllis, Antirrhinum, Gyps, Matricaria, Gladioli, Stock, Eryngium and Bouquets.
Dave0174 - 74240206 - 50569593Disbudded Chrysanthemums, Santini, Spray Chrysanthemums, Limonium and Solidago
Ronald0174 - 74240306 - 28260571Roses NL and Spray Roses.
Willem0174 - 74240406 - 52834951Roses IMP.
Arjen0174 - 74240506 - 28655645Gerbera, Anthurium, Alstroemeria, Carnations, Spray Carnations,Turmeric and Strelitzia.
Albert0174 - 74240606 - 22248002Summer Flowers, Delphinium, Leaf Products, Protea, Nutan, Waxflower, Leucadendron,Hypericum,BerryShrubs, Ruscus, Pittosporum and Decorative Materials.
Bram0174 - 74240706 - 10078963Freesia, Helianthus, Trachelium, Carnation, Callas and Heliconia.
Nico0174 - 74240806 - 12258011Tulip, Bamboo, Hyacinth, Flowering Shrubs, Turban Buttercups, Anemones, Bouvardia, Pionies, Ornamental Fruits, Celosia, Flowering Hydrangeas, Bouvardia, Feathers and Euphorbia.
Joost0174 - 74240906 - 52834953Phalaenopsis, Vanda, Eucharis, Broad-Leaved Cymbidium, Mini Cymbidium, Lisianthus.
Other telephone numbers
0174 - 742424This is our general telephone number for repeat orders or queries after the auction has closed.
0174 - 742400General Lock-up number.
0174 - 742450General Sales number.
0174 - 742451Sales 1
0174 - 742452Sales 2
0174 - 742499For your orders by fax.
E-mailadresFor your orders by email or for other queries, please send an email to this address. 
Address details
Visitor adressMiddel Broekweg 29
2675 KB Honselersdijk
Box S1-45 t/m S1-49
Postal addressPostbus 10, brievenbus 24
2230 AA Rijnsburg

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Telephone number:
+31 174 742424

Middel Broekweg 29
2675 KB Honselersdijk
Box S1-45 t/m S1-49

Postal address (Extreme case)
Waterboslaan 36,
2231 BJ Rijnsburg

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