Flowerpurchaser with a nose for quality M/F

Because you love to make a difference!

April 5th 2018

Our customers are flower suppliers, mobile wholesalers and regular flower wholesalers. Every day they look forward to the beautiful flowers you’re procuring for them. Because that’s what we do: finding the best flowers and packing them at the customer level. That’s what makes our customers happy and you get to be part of that!

How will you be helping us?

These ‘gifts’ for our customers start with you. You have a nose for quality. And of course for a reasonable price. You buy from the auctions and directly from the growers. The fresher, the better. Your workday starts early because you’re taking a look at flowers which are freshly delivered. Your workday ends in the course of the afternoon.

You have...

  • You can negotiate and build relations like no other.
  • If you have knowledge of the market you can start right away. If not, we will educate you internally so you can make the difference for our customers every single day. We have plenty of experienced coworkers who’d love to teach you the trade!
  • A flexible attitude. Sometimes it’s busier due to several events such as Mother’s Day or Valentine. You roll up your sleeves and get to it. You’re available from Monday to Friday; You’re free in the weekends.
  • A love for flowers, obviously. Because flowers make you happy!

What do we offer you?

Every week a fresh bouquet of flowers of course, because we like to share our love. But jokes aside: We will take good care of you through our CLA. Apart from that, we’re open for negotiating. Convince us we should hire you and we can definitely work something out.

Where will you be working?

We are located at the flower auction Royal FloraHolland in Naaldwijk. Together with your coworkers, you’ll take on the challenge of buying the best flowers every single day.

Is this your job?

Are you looking forward to building a successful company with us? Call Miranda Zandvliet for information (0174 74 24 59). Respond quickly by sending an email to mirandazandvliet@bgdemooij.nl and perhaps you’ll be part of our team soon!

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